The Natchez-Adams County Airport property was received from the Corps of Engineers in 1946 under the Defense for Land program for coastal defense. In the military style of the day, the runways were constructed. Today, only two of the runways are still in service. 

The terminal building was built by the city of Natchez and Adams County in conjunction with the Federal Aviation Agency. upon completion in March 1959, the airfield was renamed and the terminal building was dedicated to the honor of T.M. Hardy Jr. and V.M. Anders. these two individuals were the first U.S. Air Force pilots from this community to lose their lives in WWII The terminal building reflects the antebellum style of the area.

In December 2003, the terminal building was named the Simmons Terminal Building in honor of Billy Simmons (former director) and in memory of Helen Simmons for their many years of service dedicated to the airport.

Between the early 1950's and the late 1980's and again briefly in the mid-90's, airline service was offered at the airport.

The Airport has a five-member board, the Adams County Airport Commission, which is appointed by the county.

Over the years, the two runways have been upgraded. signs as well as lighting have been added and improved upon, bringing the airport in line to hold an air carrier certificate

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