Public Notice


Natchez Adams County Airport Commission is soliciting proposals for Fuel Branding at the Natchez Adams County Airport. Proposals MUST be made in a sealed envelope with “SEALED PROPOSAL: AIRPORT FUEL BRANDING” marked on the outside. It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure that proposals are delivered to the Natchez Adams County Airport before 5:00pm local time Friday, April 8, 2022. Please use the following address if you send the proposal by:

US Postal Service. Fed Ex or UPS
Natchez Adams County Airport
ATTN: Sealed Proposal
434 Airport Road
Natchez, MS 39120

The award of any contract(s) will be made on the basis of the lowest and best proposal, as determined by the Airport Commission based on these specifications. The proposal submitted is an offer to form a binding contract. The Commission is under no obligation to accept any bids and reserves the right to cancel this solicitation at any time prior to making an award based on this solicitation. The Commission reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, and to waive any informality in proposals. Upon opening, all proposals and attendant documents become public record. Proposals must be an offer good for Sixty (60) days from date of submittal deadline.

The Natchez Adams County Airport is operated by Airport Commission. Proposals shall be submitted on a proposer’s letterhead and signed by authorized personnel representing the proposer. The services that are requested to be included in your proposal are:

1. Fuel Branding Proposal
a. Cost of branding
b. Description of branding method

2. Incentives for branding
a. Insurance
b. Marketing incentives
c. Programs for credit cards
d. Training incentives
e. Event incentives
f. Other incentives

3. Cost of fuel
a. Method used to price fuel
b. Delivery assurance and cost. Method to assure competitiveness on pricing
c. fuel cost for week of the RFP submission

4. Availability of fuel
a. delivery time
b. Provide delivery assurance to provide fuel

5. Length of contract- 3 years

6. Any other economic incentives offered in conjunction to the fuel contract.
Such items shall be calculated based on its actual financial benefit to the Airport. For example, if the vendor offers to provide a complimentary product that cost the Airport $2.00, but cost the vendor $1.00, such value shall be calculated at $2.00.

7. Method and recourse to address concerns and discrepancies during contract
Proposals and information that address the requested services are to be submitted in the order above, and then add any other information the vendor wants to include. Each vendor must provide:

1. A current Mississippi business license
2. Complete contact information
3. Physical and Mail addresses of vendor
4. Phone numbers (Office, Fax, Sales Person)
5. Company website and social media links
6. Contact Person
7. Contact Person Email
8. Name and office of person authorized to sign contract
9. References of other customers and their contact information

Final Comments

Questions concerning this solicitation should be directed to the Natchez Adams County Airport during business hours of 8am to 5pm Central time, Monday through Friday. Office phone number is (601)442-5171 Natchez Adams County Airport does not discriminate based on race, color, or national origin in Federal or State sponsored programs, pursuant to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. 2000d).

Lighting RFQ Questions

I have reviewed the RFQ for airport engineering services at Natchez-Adams County Airport for the Runway 13/31 Lighting and associated Taxiways and Signage Projects and have the following questions: The dates February 3, 2022 and February 7, 2022 are both stated in the RFQ at different locations as due dates for the submittals. 

Please clarify which is the actual due date? 

Airport Response-February 7, 2022 is te date. The RFQ does not state what type of form or format is to be used for the submittals. Typically, Standard Form 330 is used for submittals of this nature. 

Will an SF-330 suffice for this submittal?

Airport Response- Standard form 330 is recommended Richard, Good afternoon! We were interested in submitting on the above mentioned project with KVS for the Natchez Airport and wanted to ask a quick question. 

Does your airport have a certified DBE program that we could get certified through? Just wanted to check. 

We are a DBE on the state’s website. Thank you for the help! J Airport Response- Airport accepts all DBE approved with State of Mississippi and FAA, 

We are looking to prime with KVS as a sub but we were also asked to be a sub on Michael Baker‘s team. Do you think we could do that? Also, it mentions a 6% DBE goal. Do we need to be a DBE through Mississippi or can we use our Louisiana certification?

Just so you know, we are listed as a DBE on the Mississippi DOT website. Thank you. No issues with prime and sub Just need to be certified DBE

Please feel free to contact with any other question or concerns